Friday, February 20, 2009

Where Is This Jesus?

As my wife and I were engaged in our daily Bible reading a couple of days ago, I had a very pointed question enter my mind. We are involved in a Bible challenge at our church that includes reading through the entire Bible in a year. Vickie was reading from Mark’s Gospel account when the question popped up on the inside of me: ‘Where is this Jesus today?’

I am speaking of the Jesus described throughout the various Gospels. I am talking about the Jesus that went about doing good and healing those who were sick and oppressed (Acts 10:38). There seems to be many versions of Jesus being preached, sold, and marketed in our society. We have a “Jesus 12-Step Program” for nearly anything that ails humanity. In our attempt to be ever more popular with the world, we have grown fearful of demonstrating the true power of Christ to heal and deliver. In the early chapters of the book of Mark, we see Jesus healing great numbers of folks. He is casting out demons and even violating the traditions of the religious community. Christ was not seeking acceptance of men; rather, He came to fulfill the will of His Father. As a result, many people were astonished and even more came and began to follow Him.

So, where is this Jesus today? Perhaps we need to ask ourselves this question. Is the New Testament church the “Body” of Christ on the earth, or are we just a religious community that meets regularly in a vain attempt to have needs met? Is Jesus really the “Head” of the church, or have we done things the way we have seen fit and simply respect Christ as a figurehead?

Early in His ministry Jesus is seen imparting His anointing to those who were commissioned to go. As they went, they were instructed to do the same things the Master had been doing. We live in a time and culture that is void of real spiritual truth. What the world needs now is love, love, love . . . seen in a demonstration of power and authority. The Church has been granted both. We have the authority of God’s Word and the power of His Spirit.

This is a season of great impartation and release for the people who truly know the God of the Bible. We need and have available fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of impartation is empowerment. As a result, we are released to go into the highways, hedges, marketplace, and everywhere we conduct daily business. As we go, we are to manifest the power of God; signs and wonders will be the result. May the Church arise in a demonstration of the love and Spirit of God, and may the people who know their God do great exploits.

In Him,