Friday, December 31, 2010

At The Crossroads . . . Again!

Every year at this time most folks reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. It is like we stand at a crossroads between the past and the future. Many will make resolutions and/or commitments to do different things or do things differently.

Even as I write these words, I cannot help looking back on the past year with some mixed emotions. The year 2010 was one of unprecedented opportunity for the people of God. As a Body, Cliffdale Christian Center had great impact on many lives. Early last January, I stood in an airport on the other side of the world and watched a news report on the earthquake in Haiti. Tears came to my eyes as I saw the destruction. The good news was that none of our friends had been killed or injured. We were also able to raise funds and ship one hundred small homes into Haiti. These were finally cleared through customs and erected just a couple of months ago.

While in China, we witnessed a wonderful manifestation of God's presence and experienced a time of impartation to leaders that will have long-term effects.

At home, Cliffdale saw many people come and go, and the Lord continues to bring in new folks. It is really exciting to see so many young lives being touched by the love of God. In addition, we FINALLY procured all permits and were cleared to begin construction on our worship facility. In just a few more months, we will double our capacity in order to make room for the many new souls coming into the family of God at Cx3. Renaissance Classical Christian Academy is now in its third year, and the progress has been amazing.

None of this could have been accomplished without the love of God and the commitment of His people. Last January, the Lord spoke to us about "Discovery, Destiny, and Determination." It was a right-on word as we received fresh revelation and had a keen sense of destiny. This resulted in renewed determination to see revival at home and abroad.

As we begin another year, my wife and I want to express our love and appreciation to every single person who has been part of the vision over the years. We know some have moved on and others are still standing with us. Our earnest desire is to see true revival. It has already started, and it will be more fully manifested as we push forward. Let's continue to pray, fast, and seek God's outpouring in the New Year.

Grace & Peace,


Friday, January 8, 2010

Discovery, Destiny, & Determination - Part 2

Today we continue the message on Discovery, Destiny, and Determination.

During this season, many of God's people will discover new things in regard to His Kingdom. This will be a process of revelation. "Discovery" often simply involves uncovering that which has been veiled. As we learn more about God and His Kingdom, we discover more about ourselves. After all, we were created in His image; as that image becomes clearer, we come to understand and experience things that were previously hidden from view.

All of this will bring us closer to our destiny. It is difficult for our carnal minds to comprehend that God knew us before He gave us life on this earth. However, that is precisely what Scripture reveals.

"... He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love" (Ephesians 1:4).

Before we even existed, God had a plan for our lives. There is a predetermined course of events that unfolds in the life of every believer as we yield and submit ourselves to God and His authority. In order to follow and fulfill God's ordained destiny, we will have to learn "instant obedience."

"The key to the supernatural and setting the captives free is instant obedience" (Oral Roberts).
Our preconceptions, which are often simply misconceptions, will have to be laid aside. Pride and position cannot be the priority when it comes to God's process and purpose.
We cannot allow those around us that lack faith for anything great in their own lives to hinder us from our destiny in Christ. There is something supernatural on the inside of us that longs to be released.
You and I are "destined" for greatness. Our lives truly have tremendous significance. God has placed a purpose in us, and it is first realized through vision. Lift up your eyes from the current circumstances. Look beyond where you are. We already have everything we need to accomplish our purpose. God has made "all things" available to His saints (1 Corinthians 3:21).

The place to start is where you are. What can you do now, this year, this day, this moment that will bring you closer to experiencing the fullness of God's purpose?

How determined are you to apprehend that for which Christ has apprehended you (Philippians 3:12)?

In Him,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010: A Season of Discovery, Destiny, and Determination

It seems that God gives us an inspired word at the beginning of each year here at Cliffdale Christian Center (CCC). One year ago, we received the message of "Transformation" for 2009. One does not have to look long to recognize that, indeed, the past year brought a lot of change as CCC and Freedom experienced a type of spiritual metamorphosis. Many new things have developed and some have yet to unfold and be entirely revealed.

So what about this New Year? What can we expect in 2010?

Following are a few points of interest:

2010 will be a season of DISCOVERY, DESTINY, and DETERMINATION. This will be an exciting and challenging time of DISCOVERY for many in the Body of Christ.

"Discover" means to uncover; to make known or visible; it may apply to something requiring exploration or investigation or to a chance encounter. Keep in mind, the meaning relates to things that already exist, but have not yet been seen or made visible. It can also refer to things we have not yet experienced. Just consider the two parts of the word: DIS-COVER. 2010 will be a time when things are unveiled.

"But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God" (1Corinthians 2:10).

Many will come to truly discover the Kingdom for the very first time. Even some who have been living in God's Kingdom through faith in Christ, will become much more aware of the message of the Kingdom and how they fit. There are many things that exist in the Kingdom realm that believers have yet to see, know, and experience.

The Spirit of the Lord is going to lead us on a journey through a process of discovery that will cause our eyes and hearts to be opened to new and different things. This includes things that may have existed for a very long time, yet we had not seen or experienced them.
Just because we did not know or understand something does not disqualify it; we simply need to discover what is already there.

Tomorrow we will look at the second point: DESTINY.

In Him,