Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015: A Different Year

A couple of days ago I shared with my wife how I felt a shifting taking place in the unseen realm. The Lord will do extraordinary things during the upcoming season. You are chosen to partner with Him in these things. However, for many, a new view or perspective is required. You must change the way you think in order to see things differently.

God's people, having the mind of Christ, have the ability to think and achieve unusual things. Consider that word: unusual. This refers to things that are different from the "usual" or what others may consider "normal" or "average." The reason many accomplish average results is because they think like the average person thinks. If we think like everybody else, we will do what everybody else does. This is not extraordinary; it is normal or average. We are not to think, act, or become what the average person thinks, does, or becomes. We are a peculiar people called to accomplish extraordinary results.

When Jesus walked on the earth, He did extraordinary things. In fact, some of His earthly accomplishments were so remarkable that people were routinely astonished. We know from Scripture that Jesus thought His Father’s thoughts, spoke His Father’s words, and did His Father’s works. So, whose thoughts are we thinking? Whose words do we speak? What kind of works do our lives produce?

These are all reasons for us to have our minds renewed. If we do not have renewed minds, we will continue to think like the world. We will talk like the world and also pretty much look the same. However, as our minds are renewed, we will no longer be in conformity with what is average or normal. We will be transformed into that unique, unusual, extraordinary individual that God has called us to be.

I challenge everyone reading this to step forward into a new season. As God is bringing a shift in the unseen realm, it is our privilege to manifest some very extraordinary results. Let’s take our eyes and hearts off the things of this world and focus on His Kingdom. As we commit to doing some things differently in the days ahead, we can expect to produce some unique, other than average results.

Grace & Peace,