Tuesday, December 16, 2008

God in the Moment...

I am sitting in front of the fire, very early in the morning, and again I am almost spellbound by the goodness of God. Vickie and I have just returned from a truly awesome getaway that was a gift to us from our church. It is really remarkable to consider that my family has been at Cliffdale Christian Center for twenty years. I am not sure that words can express what it is like to shepherd such a wonderful flock for so long a period of time. Watching children grow up from the time they are born, or at least very young, get married, and begin to raise families of their own is a tremendous blessing that many in ministry do not get to experience.

We have witnessed several different, perhaps unique, moves of God over these years. Yet, there is a small voice speaking from deep within my soul that tells me the greatest and best is yet to come. As I look closely at all that is going on throughout the world and within the Church, I am reminded that God, the author and finisher, is still at work. We should each consider making a commitment to experience “God In The Moment” every day we live and breathe. We need not simply recognize where God has passed, as looking through a rearview mirror, when we can experience His presence every moment, in every situation. The Lord is calling us to know and experience Him “face-to-face.” Jacob came through a process that involved first knowing that “God was in this place,” to an encounter in which he knew he had come face-to-face and prevailed. So it seems God is calling those who will listen to such a place.

This will actually be vital to our success and triumph in these uncertain times. When all that can be shaken seems to be shaking, it is a good to know that God, maker of heaven and earth, still has His eye on the sparrow and even cares much more for us.

Be encouraged! Do not be moved by world conditions. Only allow world conditions to move you closer to God and His wonderful love.

In Him,