Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Vickie and I would like to take a moment and express our heartfelt love and gratitude for you and what you mean to our lives. This time of the year causes us to reflect on what has transpired and also to look ahead to the future. We are filled with anticipation for this fresh wave of God's goodness and glory.

May this Christmas season find you reveling in what Christ has done on your behalf and in the lives of those whom you love. Please remember that He is forever faithful and that His eye is carefully set upon you.
All of Christ's best to you and your family,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stepping Out In Faith, Part 7

Good morning to you! I pray you are doing well and that every part of your being is prospering. This blog is the last in the series of “Stepping Out In Faith.” Vickie and I have found ourselves doing this quite frequently as we’ve been on an extended mission trip to the DR. Thank you so much for your prayers and continued support!

With that being said, let’s talk about stepping out in faith. It definitely requires motion/walking, which involves taking steps. We need to get our feet, minds, and hearts moving in the direction that God has told us to go, and He will be with us every inch of the way. The prudent man considers well his steps. Are we even taking steps? Some are standing still waiting for God to do something, but He has already dictated the direction in which He wants us to go. It’s up to us to take that step!

I encourage you to consider well the steps you’re taking. Are you being proactive to change your perspective on life and come into line with the way that God sees things? I’m telling you, that’s a game changer. Has God’s purpose become clear to you?

I’ve always been passionate about world missions; in fact, I was reminded about a time before I was even saved and still a kid. John Kennedy was the president, and he started this thing called the “Peace Corp.” I read a book about it, and I said to myself, “I’m joining the Peace Corp.” I wanted to do this, not only to go to remote places in the world, but I also wanted to help people. This was years before I became a Christian. I have a passion for missions!

Maybe you’re trying to determine what God’s purpose is for your life. Let me ask you a simple question: what’s your passion? Some of you might say, “Man, my passion is to get rich and make money.” There’s nothing wrong with that. You know why? Because guys like me need people like you, and you can give me the money to go do what God has put in my heart to do. We need one another. Activities in the Kingdom of God need to get financed. Who do you think is going to finance it? God has yet to cut a hole in the ceiling. We ain’t never had a hole cut in CCC’s roof for money to be dropped in, but we did have one case years ago where there was a hole cut in the roof—inside job—and they stole the whole safe with all of the Sunday morning tithes and offerings.

Finances come in through people. I don’t sit around praying, “God, just drop it from the sky.” No, it’s more like, “God, prosper your people so the Gospel can go forth.” We have airplane tickets to buy, and there are souls to be saved and disciples made. The Kingdom needs money generators; there’s nothing wrong with that.

What’s your purpose? What’s your desire? I’m not even asking for the motive behind it. If you have a strong desire to do something, chances are, that’s God’s purpose for your life. Right there. Boom. “Well, I’d like to be a nurse . . . I’d like to be a schoolteacher . . . I’d like to be a doctor . . . I’d like to be a lawyer.” God puts that desire in you because He has a purpose for you. Ya gotta be enthusiastic about God’s purpose. That’s what desire is: it’s enthusiasm to achieve something.

So Father, I pray for an ignition of passion; I pray, God, that we would do what’s needed to get our minds renewed and our feet moving in the right direction.

In Him,


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stepping Out In Faith, Part 6

Greetings! This blog continues to hit on the subject of “Stepping Out In Faith.” Why do we give so much attention to this topic? Basically it’s because, “. . . without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he was telling me about this PX90 thing. Now, he’s starting to look all trim and buff, and he said, “You know at first it really hurt, and I couldn’t even lift my hands this high.” I said, “That right there is what keeps me out of the gym.” People, if we’re going to get in shape, we’re gonna have to do something. Similarly, if we want to see our current financial status change, that means taking action as well!  Faith requires actions; we must take steps.

Stop waiting for God to do something when He’s already told you what to do. He has taken the first step by communicating what you’re supposed to do. Until you take a step in response, you have no right to further instruction. So if you feel that God has been silent, maybe you haven’t done the first thing that He told you to do . . . or maybe it’s the last thing that He told you to do.

You might be saying, “I just can’t hear God; I’m in a desert place.” Well, maybe you ought to go back to where you lost the ax head! God doesn’t have to speak because you push a button and put a quarter in.  I love it when Christians say, “God asked me to . . ..” God doesn’t ask me; He says, “Do it,” and then He awaits my response. Maybe it doesn’t work that way in your life. I’ve never heard the voice of God say to me, “Emory, I need you to do such and such. Would you? Could you? Pleeeaaase?” I ain’t ever heard God say “please” to me. He gives out His instructions, and then He waits to see if I’m gonna do it. Every time it requires faith!

It seems that He always wants me to do something that’s going to require an element of faith, and that right there is where many believers stop. It might be in the area of relationships or attitude. God might be saying, “Emory, forgive them,” and I might say, “I can’t forgive them.” Now would God tell us to forgive someone if it were impossible to forgive him or her? No! How do you think God forgives you? It’s a supernatural thing. You can forgive anybody if you choose to. The reason you’re not forgiving is because you elect not to.  

Here’s another thing to consider, forgive doesn’t mean to forget. Forgive means to release someone from the debt, offense, trespass, or penalty. Let it go! They probably let it go a long time ago. Forgive them! God is not telling you to do something that He has not given you the ability to do!

In your finances, God has instructed you to do certain things. It’s amazing to me how many mature Christians struggle with tithing. The reason there’s a struggle is because folks don’t understand that it ALL belongs to God. They say they do, but they don’t live it. So God says, “Give me back one tenth.” “Are you crazy, God? One tenth?” Then you get into the offering part of it (above the tenth), and before long Deuteronomy 28 becomes the reality, “Blessed going in, blessed going out, blessed in the city, blessed in the field, and all of these blessings will come upon thee and shall overtake thee.” Why? Man, you’re walking in the blessing! You’re walking in the promise! You’re walking by faith.

God said, “Do it,” and I did it, and here’s the fruit of it. Want to know why some people are more blessed than other people? It’s not because God loves them more, it is usually because of decisions and choices they’ve made. Those choices are based on perspective. It’s really all about fulfilling God’s purpose. What are you doing in your life today? What steps are you taking in order that you might walk in a greater measure of God’s promises and God’s blessing?

~ pg